Microsoft has just announced OneDrive cloud storage limits reduction.


Microsoft officially announces modifications on OneDrive cloud storage and reduces the limit to 5GB.

On 04/22/2016, Microsoft emailed all users from  OneDrive, Outlook and Hotmail to inform that from 07/27/2016,  it would definitely proceed with the storage limit reduction on cloud services as previously announced on November/2015 on its Official Blog.


We would like to inform you about some OneDrive changes . On 07/27/2016, the storage from OneDrive will be changed from  15GB to 5 GB. Also discontinuing the bonus 15GB Bonus to camera images. Learn more in our FAQ. You need not take any action because right now you OneDrive usage is below the limit. Even if you’re not affected, we would like to let you updated on all important changes to OneDrive. If you want to check your Account, you can visit the Storage page. We understand that these changes have a great impact on  services you depend. We would like to apologize for inconvenience whatever these changes may cause. We took a difficult decision, but it was the way we found to allow the future to OneDrive operations. Thank you for using OneDrive.
– The OneDrive Team

Standard message sent by email about the OneDrive storage reduction.

PS:. Message intended for users BELOW the  limit when the email was sent. (5GB Less).

Experienced users managed to keep their accounts and enlisting for Additional 15GB Bonus, that could be manually requested.

Manual request that COULD be done in order to continue using the service.

Turns out that  on  April 22nd, Microsoft announced  the official reduction on OneDrive’s storage limit – including the bonus – taking  effect from July, thus reducing the online cloud from 15GB  to 5Gb to all users.

If you (probably) use more than the 5GB currently offered by Microsoft, you now need to search the competition or seek for professional business solutions, and cloud storage.

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