Google just nailed the April Fools with the Mic Drop feature on Gmail

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Mic Drop: Check out how Google nailed the Internet with an April Fools Prank

April 1st is well-known for the April Fools ‘Day, a suitable date to play with family, girlfriend/boyfriend, coworker (post it underneath the mouse, right ?) etc …

Technology and famous companies use it to “release” new products or features taking advantage of this.

Now imagine Google with its proportions performing such a trick? Google had announced this feature to be applied on March 31st on their official blog.

Although it was just a prank during the day (April 1st) users could use the “Mic Drop” normally:

  • Sending

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  • Inbox:

Turns out that it backfired!

The Mic Drop expression is used to emphasize that a speech or narrative was very good, if not excellent, then ending in a sensational manner, like  “Nailed It“:

 mic drop:

1. An instance of deliberately dropping or tossing aside one’s microphone at the end of a performance or speech one considers to have been particularly impressive:
“the audience enjoyed his acceptance speech and mic drop after winning the Best Modern Leader award.”


The “Mic Drop” allowed to send an email attaching a Minion GIF dropping a microphone, stating that the conversation would have ended (similar to respond and archive/stop notifications). But such an act has been likened to disinterest in the dialogue or the subject to be treated (similar to not caring).

This has triggered series of problems for users that used the Mic Drop by accident, or simply by not knowing how to use it, nor that it was a “joke”. Multiple users, customers, students, businessmen, etc. did not like it and turned to Google forum to inform and ask to remove the button, informing it be dangerous to be too close to the Send button.

Thousands of users have reported various problems (personal and professional) with the Mic Drop feature. They claim they have lost job opportunities, replied recruiters by mistake, problems with family in group conversations, articles sent to the boss and yet unanswered, among other examples. Just keep in mind that Google has over 900m Gmail accounts.

Google reacted and ended up shuting down the feature. A Google representative said “it looks like we pranked ourselves” and admits that the Mic Drop generated “more headaches than laughs” apologizing to all users.

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