Do you know what English Homophones are?

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English Homophones may cause confusion and misunderstandings on the conversation. Do you know what english homophones are and how to identify them?


English Homophones are words that have very similar pronunciation – if not identical – to another word, but with different spelling and especially different meanings.
The english homophones have different meanings and spellings but are phonetically similar when pronounced. In the following examples, try reading the words paying attention only in their speech and pronunciation, repeat loud over and over, alternately to test out:

Examples of english homophones:quote-new

Break / Brake ;
Here / Hear ;
Two / To ;
Sale / Sail ;
Plain / Plane ;
See / Sea ;
Write / Right ;
Sum / Some ;
Their / They’re ;

Among others …

If isolated, the english homophones are identical. Out of context it is impossible to identify one another, and what it means.
Now, reading the homophones, associating the word heard with the subject and matter, the interpretations becomes easier!
This applies basically to verbal communication, like conversations, for example; since that on written text these words are read, being considered only by its spelling, once it’s correct.





  • Try to be as clear as possible on your communication – lecture, event, phone, conference – being articulated and well-spoken, not raising any doubts about your words.
  • Pronounce the words clearly to facilitate the receipt of the message by the listener;
  • Make sure that the related context is in line with the meaning of the word being said.
  • Focus on the topic of conversation, to emphasize the context. This will help you to remember the English words and use synonyms.


Keep learning and practicing constantly! Do you know any more english homophones not mentioned above? Use the comments to contribute with more examples!
Help your friends and others to understand what these words mean and learn with one another. Use the sharing buttons below to pass along the message.


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