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“Black Fridey”? Did you mean: BLACK FRIDAY?

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Brazilian Netizens search for wrong “Black Fridey” tag on search engines and social network when searching for Black Friday


In a globalized society, connected and with plenty of resources to spare – one being the Internet itself, used for research – the search for Black Friday some internet users end up searching “Black Fridey” and people still insist on incorrect spellings, words,  and even common phrases, generating misleadings!

And big ones.

Black Friday is the commercial term in the US by annual sales action  taking place on the Friday after the Thanksgiving holiday (held at the 4th Thursday of November). The idea has been adopted by several other countries, including Brazil.

In search reports sent by Google to our website, it is noticeable  that search engines indicate a large increase in research on the word “Black Fridey” – instead of the usual Black Friday – in mid-November, when the event happens.

black fridey google


It’s is funny, because it make us consider at least two possibilities:

1 – Google’s mistake (laughs) a ugly one, as this would involve search engine errors, search suggestions (you know the classic “did you mean”?), the newsletter and the report itself (Quite impossible).

– or –

2 – Users who use the search are typing Black Friday in the wrong way (That’s more like it).


With that our team did a survey with Google to identify the cause of this problem, when searching for Black Fridey instead of Black Friday:


black fridey


The increase in searches is absolutely normal as Black Friday happens only in November. But it also raises the number of people searching it the wrong way: “Black Fridey”.


Thus one can see the lack of preparation of consumers, or media, or information itself. It is spotted the need for preparing the content, also related with a language approach, including learning.

Just a reminder that VERZATIO provides consulting in foreign languages and also advisory services in communication;

Inclusing online presence, website develpment, monitoring, reports, visitors, user frequence, and internet branding.


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